• Darin N.
    Just took Tac pistol last weekend and it was definitely a great experience I felt like I was shooting better within an hour. Anthony is an awesome trainer and knows what works. Thanks again and will be coming back soon for more training.
    October 2015
    Erin F.
    My husband and I purchased our guns here and were very pleased with the level of customer service and knowledge shared by Mark. He answered all of our questions and made the necessary recommendations according to our needs. We also took the tactical training course which was very interactive and informative. The classes are small which offer individual attention and help you to absorb as much information possible. Anthony is a great instructor and wants the best for every student. We will definitely recommend Colorado Shooting Sports in the future!
    May 2015
    Mike M.
    First time going to store. Went in to buy 9 mm ammo for upcoming shooting class. Representative was more than helpful. I had lots of questions about handguns. Especially because i have small hands. Was shown various weapons and taught that it is not only size but comfort factor. How the weapon feels in the hand. When I am able to purchase a firearm i will definitely come here as my first choice just because of the no pressure service
    October 2014
    Bruce B.
    my name is Bruce and my experience with Colorado Shooting Sports was outstanding being a former Marine sometimes you think you know it all I learned a lot and got a lot of good advice from Anthony it was a very very good experience the people they have in the store are well informed and very professional I appreciate everything they have done for me I feel a lot more comfortable with my concealed training and anxious to learn more from them
    October 2014
    Ryan M.
    The tactical pistol class was an amazing experience. After a full day with Anthony I felt more prepared than I thought I would have ever been for any situation that I may face. I recommend everyone take this class as you will get more than you could ever expect.
    July 2014
    Laurie K.
    Best experience ever. The employees themselves treat you so well and don't try to make you buy a gun you're not into.
    The Tac Pistol class was absolutely life changing. It was so informative from the classroom to the range. I never thought I could be capable of what I accomplished. Anthony is the BEST teacher you could ever ask for when it comes to guns. He took me from an alright shot to pretty damn badass!. Class isn't boring either. It's informative but it's fun and you are included non stop. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to better their training whether its Tac Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Close Range Combat to Tac Medic. Best place ever!!!! An experience everyone should have!!!!
    July 2014
    Colleen F.
    I have taken the Tac Med and CCW Tac pistol classes thus far and will be taking more courses. The instruction on both courses were phenomenal! Anthony is definitely knowledgeable and his instructing techniques are very interactive, fun and educational. He expresses the hard truth of dangers that are all around us and opens your eyes and mind to how you can properly defend against those dangers and protect loved ones as well! Being a woman and a mother I'm aware of the higher risk of attack. Like a fire extinguisher and seat belts the skills you learn in these courses will also give you piece of mind. With rising use of electronics, situational awareness is even more important!! Your only hurting yourself and loved ones NOT to take the time to learn these skills!!
    June 2014
    Mandy N.
    As an EMT and fellow RN, I would like to praise Anthony for his real world, hands on instruction in the Tac Med class. It is easy for people to perceive that medical intervention takes place in a controlled or sterile environment, until the first time it doesn't and someone is looking to YOU for help. The public should strive to educate themselves, be prepared to react and not be afraid to save their fellow man. Anthony Navarro's Tactical Medical Class is a great lifesaving introduction to essential trauma care basics. I highly recommend this class for anyone, medically trained or not.
    May 2014
    Patrick S.
    I would like to start off by saying that I have a disability from birth that limits my performance with firearms and shortens the list of accessories that I can attach to my firearms. There has been many times that I have not bought a firearm that I like due to my inability to fire it. I have recently bought an AK47 and a Springfield XD 9 from the shop located in Greeley and the costumer service was above and beyond impressive. They work with you one on one and take your needs and level of comfort into consideration to deliver the best firearm for you. The knowledge that the employees and Anthony have is extraordinary and very useful for inexperienced buyers. I would also like to state that I will be enrolling in some of the classes that are featured and am excited to experience them. Thank you Anthony for the time and understanding that you have given.
    May 2014
    Rob D.
    Both of my experiences at Colorado Shooting Sports dealt primarily with gunsmithing service. On both occasions I was given the utmost in customer service and had my questions answered by a very knowledgeable staff. The gunsmith himself is very friendly is highly proficient in his work, I would have no problem putting my $2,000 AR in his hands for any future service should I need to.
    April 2014
    Nikoli H
    Great customer service. knowledgeable & Friendly staff, purchased a S&W MP Shield in .40. I was walked through all the points with my gun perfectly, and same when I bought my Special Ops Tactical AR-15. I would recommend this store above all stores I have previously been to and will continue to exclusively come here for my firearm needs.
    Feb 2014
    Chad S.
    I've purchased a few guns at CSS, and I've been pleased with each transaction. Staff is awesome, very knowledgeable, friendly, and they're not pushy trying to make the sell. As of now I haven't attended any classes, but plan on attending the Tac. Pistol Class with my wife and daughter.
    January 2014
    Brooke S
    Colorado Shooting Sports is amazing! After taking just one class, I feel better prepared to defend myself, my home, my family, and those in need. I am more confident and better prepared and equipped (thanks to the AWESOME selection and great prices) than I ever have been before! Thank you, Anthony and the entire staff! I can't wait to come back for more! -Brooke
    January 2014
    I wanted let you know that after taking 3 CCW classes (Kansas and Texas), I learned more from your class than the other 2 combined. Over the past 6 months, I have realized that training is always necessary and worth the time and effort in order to protect our life. liberty and most importantly our family's safety.

    Again, Thank you and I will definitely be back for more instruction.

    December 2013
    Mike O.
    By far the best experience I have ever had shooting my entire life. Anthony is the best firearms instructor around. I took the Tactical Pistol class this last weekend and could not put a price value on the knowledge I gained from that single day. If you are looking for a good class then look nowhere else. My knowledge of shooting and the laws behind it increased in this class more than I could imagine. I am looking forward to taking as many classes as I can from Anthony in the years to come. You cannot put a price value on the knowledge, experience, and the safety of you and the people around you. Go into the shop and talk to anybody there on staff and you will have a very good experience.
    November 2013
    Sarah H.
    I took the Tactical Pistol course last week and I have to say it Exceeded my expectations! I knew I needed hands on training from a professional to feel comfortable with a firearm, and it was exactly what I was looking for in that regard, but what really impressed me was Anthony's breadth of knowledge and passion for empowering people. I highly recommend this course!
    October 2013
    Hey guys ya'll helped my wife & me buy 2 AK's a few weeks ago (Adam in particular). I appreciate very much the time you took with my wife in the store to assist her, and the time Adam spent with me over the phone. Ya'll are a top shop, and every AK magazine I have bought recently has an article that references you guys & your rifles. We are thrilled w/the 47 and the 74 we got. We will take good care of them, enjoy shooting, and keep them locked away in a safe when not in use.

    I look forward to working w/you in the future. I'd like to get a gunfighter series here in a few years. Best of luck with everything. Sorry to hear the results of recent legislation in Colorado. We'd love to have ya'll in Texas if you ever considering moving.
  • Gary D.
    I'm writing to you to thank you for your time and efforts to train me properly through your Tactical Pistol Class last Saturday. I've had a couple of days to absorb some of what you communicated and I'm even more impressed now than I was during the class.

    I had the idea that shooting at a range would be an enjoyable hobby, but, since I hadn't picked up a gun in over fifteen years, I needed to get some training. Your class at Colorado Shooting Sports was recommended to me by a nephew. However, I had no idea the profound impact the class would have on me. It really opened my eyes. Not only to safe shooting, but the importance of personal safety and the capable individuals responsibilities to be prepared to act in the face of bad guys.

    I have long believed that "Mastery" was integral to the enjoyment of life. That is the understanding that being in the present, and getting the most out of the present is key to living a fulfilling life. Always reliving a past event or opportunity missed, or always waiting for the future, misses the joy of being aware of the events you are presently involved with. Part of Mastery is the love of practice for the sake of the act of practice. As you so clearly pointed out during class, each gun owner must practice and learn how to safely handle such a powerful tool as a gun. And you showed me the awe and enjoyment in correctly practicing Tactical Pistol skills.

    When I started the class, I merely hoped to gain the knowledge of not shooting myself or some other innocent. But now I know that I can use a commitment to pistol skills to save a life, maybe mine, or maybe a family member or maybe a stranger. Shooting to save a life, and not take a life has become a deeply appreciated view that you gave me during the class. I now know that I can learn or pre-program my mind, pre-train my body and prepare the tools so that if needed I can act to do the right thing.

    You said that most gun owners don't take classes to train themselves properly. After taking your class I have become an evangelical supporter of your efforts to teach people,to always be the rookie, to be prepared and trained to act. This is a great gift you've given me, and I thank you for it.
    April 2012
  • Mark P.
    As I go forward with my hobby of pistol shooting, I will tell anyone that is in the area, that we should all get trained, and stay trained through taking and repeating classes, and Colorado Shooting Sports is a terrific place to gain knowledge and shooting skills.

    Just wanted to thank you for the Tac Med course last weekend. It was a fantastic course that although I hope I will never need it, I will be ready if something comes up.
    December 2010
  • Judson K.
    I can not thank you enough for putting on such a fantastic class. One of the biggest things I have learned from you is not what I can do and what I currently know, but more importantly what I don't know and what I need to work on. You have instilled some confidence about "WINNING" a gun fight and I really appreciate that. As a former instructor in industry myself, I found you were able to explain the material so that everyone would "get" it. You had patience in dealing with all of us. You had an incredible emphasis on safety. I was truly impressed.
    November 2010
  • Mark B.
    Anthony, I think about the training course all the time. I am much more confident now. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and wish I could do it every weekend. I am planning to spend more learning from you in the fall. Thanks again!
    July 2010
  • Brian B.
    Anthony, Your Advanced Tactical Pistol class is excellent. The day after your class, I told four more gunnys about how well you ran the class and I recommend the class to them. The skills I learned during the class will increase my confidence with a weapon as well as life.
    July 2010
  • Alan
    Anthony, I took your CCW class in Apr 2010. I have been around long guns for a very long period of time. I have been shooting them for over 30 years. I have not had that much exposure to handguns. I am very impressed at how you can take an amateur and make them feel very comfortable around the handgun. The training was very informative as well as a kick in the you know what. All of the extra training was well worth the extra money that my friends would say was unnecessary--that I could take the same class for half the cost. Well I am glad I DID NOT listen to them. Thanks for taking the extra effort to make the class the best in the area if not the state.
    April 2010
    Anthony, I just wanted to say WOW!! What an amazing experience I had on Saturday. It is hard to put into words what to say but it was the best thing that I did by taking the class and sticking with it. I would recommend the class to anybody that asked me about it. I really didn't understand why at first you were so hard on me, but I am glad you were because it made me realize I could dig down deep inside and get through. Life is full of obstacles it is how you get around them. I am still taking about the class with Kent and it has been 2 days now. I plan on continuing my training through you and keep on improving on everything that I learned. Thanks again for a class well worth my money.
    April 2010
    Anthony, Thanks for a great class on Saturday. It was definitely a challenging, humbling, and learning experience. I felt that it was worth every penny, and look forward to the next class that I enroll in. I will be sure to let everyone know about your great service that you are providing to all of our citizens that want to be more aware of what really can happen and how to manage the situation when it comes up. Class ROCKED!! Looking forward to the next one.
    April 2010
    Hi Anthony: I'm still trying to process what all I did today but I think my greatest accomplishment is that I pushed myself. And I have you to thank for it. I'm somebody who was raised to fear firearms and was taught to believe that fighting back is somehow screwier than being a victim. What all that propaganda did was create a haze of fear and a lack of confidence in myself. Thanks again for providing me with the training everyone should have. I'm so looking forward to taking more classes.
    March 2010
    In the last several months, I have taken firearms training courses and met instructors all over Colorado, and my search for the best led me right back to where I started---at Colorado Shooting Sports. Anthony, each one of your courses is truly a unique, thought-provoking, skill-building, limit-pushing, life-changing experience. Thank you!
    December 2009
    WOW!!! Anthony you put on one hell of a class. I enjoyed every part even when the sun went down and the wind picked up. When I walk in to any room now I enter it totally different because you never know whats around the next corner. Anthony your enthusiasm and knowledge makes class a riot... LETS DO IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!
    October 2009
    All I can say is that class was sweet. I didn't realize there was so much stuff to look for when entering a house and clearing it. I had a blast with everyone, the class was great. Thanks Anthony.
    October 2009
    Anthony, 9-19-09 Advanced Tactical Pistol class, was very inspirational. I am honored to have assisted you in getting things up and running. The students that you have are the most amazing people. If you moved them as you continue to move me, watch out for the tidal wave of new students. This class was challenging and fun, too. Everyone made great gains in their personal skills as the class moved on. It is amazing to assist in the slightest way as you pass on this valuable skill set to these good people. Any of them can be my backup anytime! (or reversed)
    September 2009
    I loved the tactical pistol class, can't wait to take the other classes at Colorado Shooting Sports. This class beat anything I ever did in the military! Thanks Anthony.
    August 2009
    Anthony!!!! You are freakin awesome! i had such a blast at the advanced pistol class! Floyd and i are still talking about it what an amazing group of people to warrior-train with! you guys ROCK! I can't wait for the rifle class! peace. (which is won through fighting.)
    June 2009
    Tim R.
    The CCW training you provide is excellent! I am referring all my contacts to you.
    Anthony, great advanced tactical pistol class you put on for Jun. The prep time you put into it was well worth it for us and I think I speak for all when I say thanks. I'm glad I found a place to train with professionals who take fighting seriously instead of just standing still plinking a target. All the drills you and Preston took time to set up were awesome and made us think. Fighting is out-thinking your opponent and we learned some valuable skills there. I am a security professional and patrol some of the less desirable real estate in town and I will say you have made me much more capable as well as safe. I also feel much better knowing there are fellow warriors out there that are armed and trained to fight should the need arise. HOOOH YAAAH INSTRUCTOR ANTHONY !!
    June 2009
    Angela M.
    I just wanted to let you know that your class was bloody incredible! The only bad part is, now I just want to keep practicing and shooting but am far, far away from where I can shoot : ) Thanks for the update and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with your family! I'm sure the husband and I will be in touch and thank you again for your patience and encouragement in class. Keep doing what you're doing!
    Rosemary H.
    Anthony, we really enjoyed the day we spent with you on Saturday. Steve, Katie, Annie and I each felt it was time well spent. You were very professional, and gave us a lot of information in a short amount of time. We especially enjoyed the opportunity to learn how to shoot the guns. Amazing!
    Rick and Bonnie K.
    Hi Anthony-Rick and I just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed your class. Your attention to detail and enthusiasm were awesome. We thoroughly enjoyed the entire day and learned more than we imagined possible. We look forward to coming up to shoot more with you.