July 2015

Glock Week

Today is the official start of our second annual Glock Week sale, we have prices so low that I can’t advertise them here but if you have been thinking of buying a Glock, M&P, Ruger, Handgun or Rifle now is the time to come into the store and get the best price of the year.


2 for 1 Tactical Concealed Carry

Right now for the July 18th Tactical Concealed Carry class we are offering a 2 for 1 special. This is an amazing deal and if you have been thinking of getting a Concealed Carry permit or want to get the class as a gift for someone else NOW is the time to get you, your friends and family trained to a level of excellence only we offer!!!

Ask how you can take the future into your own hands by franchising with Colorado Shooting Sports, http://youtu.be/zUcG1WCgfts