• How to host our Concealed Carry Tactical Pistol Class at your range:
    Do you have a group of people that want to take our Tactical Pistol class but would like us to come to you?

    Are you looking for a class that offers your group exclusivity and privacy?

    Do you have private land with a suitable backstop or a range that would allow us to operate a tactical range environment?

    Do you have access to a small meeting room or a large room in a home for a classroom?

Colorado Shooting Sports L.L.C. can bring our Tactical Pistol class to you.

  • Requirements:

    Minimum of 8 people and maximum of 12 per class
    Tuition fee for every student
    A small classroom area
    A safe and adequate range at least 25 yards long is ideal
    Additional requirements can be discussed with us when you are ready to schedule your group.
    Rental gun packages are available upon request. Minimum of 200 rounds must be purchased per student.
  • Colorado Shooting Sports L.L.C. will provide the following:

    Target stands, cardboard targets (multiple types), and steel targets
    Certificates, syllabus, and waivers
    Rental guns, magazines, holsters, and magazine pouches to those that rent
    Ammunition for the class
    Eye and ear protection are available for purchase
  • Call today (970-395-0664) to see how we can bring our Tactical Pistol Class to your community. We can tailor the curriculum to meet the needs of your local church or network of neighbors, friends, and family. We are available to teach classes in Colorado as well as other states. Call today as our schedule for local classes is always filling up fast and we have limited slots for classes held off-site.