Gunsmithing Services

Shop rates are $65 per hour with a half hour minimum

  • DCOA (Disassemble, Clean, [& Inspect], Oil, Assemble
    Armorer-level cleaning. Surcharge for excessively dirty/filthy guns (minimum $10 extra)
    Basic Semi-Auto Action Job
    deburr and polish, minor geometry correction, feed ramp work
    1911 Trigger Job
    labor only, parts are additional
    Install Low-Profile Gas Block on AR-15
    align to gas port and spot face barrel for set screws, Rockset and stake screws
    Mount, level, and boresight scope or optic
  • Sight in Rifle
    minimum 1 hour plus ammunition (unless customer provided)
    Test Fire
    minimum $25 plus ammunition (unless customer provided)
    Remove Stuck Choke
    minimum 1 hour
    Remove broken/stripped screw
    minimum 1 hour, probably machine time
    Remove live round from chamber
    minimum $65