GunFighter Series Tactical AK’s

What constitutes an A3 Custom AK rifle? We start with a great base rifle and the highest quality parts and accessories. We then take great care and disassemble each rifle and cut down the barrels and permanently attach muzzle brakes, ceramic coat the parts and then reassemble the rifles, mount accessories and sight in iron sights and optics so you get a great rifle right out of the box. Whether you are an AK connoisseur or an operator looking for the finest fighting tool, the AKLB Gen 4/5/6 AKu2019s from A3 is just right for you. Each rifle features our AK Lightning Bolt and AK Lightning Lever. These products were born from a need to speed up the manual operation of the gun and to make it so you essentially run your rifle like a large pistol.

We have shattered the myth of the inaccurate AK. It will withstand the harshest environments. It will run faster and harder than you can. Every rifle is sighted in with iron sights and optics and you are provided with the test target. These guns are ready to roll as soon as they get in your hands.
We also understand you don’t have 9 months to wait on a custom gun. We strive to exceed your expectations both in quality and speed of service. How is it that we can be so much faster than other AK builders? For one we limit the number of options. In other words these are production/custom AKs. If we allow customers to make every little choice and option, then it brings production to a slow grind. We also have production, coating, fabrication, and engraving sites located less than 3 miles from each other. This allows us very rapid production times.

The G4 AK is a 5.45x39mm AK
The G5 AK is a 7.62x39mm AK
The G6 AK is a 5.56mm NATO AK

We also offer the option of the retro-upgrade program. This allows you to send in your AK to have us go through it and convert it to a GunFighter Series AK. Our easy to use drop down menus allow you to choose all desired options, send us your rifle, and then sit back as we go to work transforming it into a quick and lethal fighting tool.

As you select one of our GunFighter series AK’s or send one to us to have retrofit, you may have questions about the options that you see in the drop down menus. Please click here to see a page with detailed descriptions about the options as well as a picture of each part.

Is the Gunfighter Series AK for everyone? Of course not. Who is this rifle made for? The AK connoisseur. The man who wants quality. The warrior looking for a sharper, tougher tool; the collector; the family man who stands watch at the door; the warfighter who is going off to fight our nation’s battles. In a word, You. This rifle was made for YOU.

  • How do I get one?

    To purchase a GunFighter Series AK or learn about a Retro conversion visit the CSS Online Store.
    We are aware that at the moment all of the pages have limited information on the accessories and there are no pictures of finished products. Soon we will have a page dedicated to the options that the rifles can be outfitted with, as well as pictures of the different color options. In the meantime, if you need any clarification on the options that can be added to your GunFighter AK, please contact Anthony directly at 970-381-8188