AK Lightning Lever

New for 2010. . .The AK Lightning Lever™

When used in conjunction with our AK Lightning Bolt™, the Lightning Lever greatly simplifies the manual of arms and allows you to focus on the threat before you.

The AK Lightning Lever™, when used with the AK Lightning Bolt™, allows the user to dedicate only two tasks to each hand. The right hand runs the safety and fires the gun. The left hand removes and replaces the magazines and runs the charging handle. It’s that simple. . .you’re just running your rilfe like a really large pistol.

With improved ergonomics, the AK Lightning Lever™ will:

  • Speed up your Reloads
  • Take you from Safe to Fire without loss of firing grip
  • Allow proper placement of finger alongside the receiver
  • Reinforce proper gun handling

In the photo above, the AKS-74U in the foreground has an AK Lightning Lever™, while the shooter in the background is running his standard safety the old fashioned way. Which do you think is better?

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